CBD Cigarettes – Your Ultimate Product Guide

By | April 9, 2020

To start introducing you to the best CBD cigarettes, its nature is the first thing to mention. So if you’re new to this, the main thing is that CBD or cannabidiol is not a drug. It’s a key component of hemp, and one of 80 elements, that are called “cannabinoids”. The most well-known of them are CBD and THC. The latter is known for its mind-altering effect, and it’s the one that gives the “drugged” euphoria feeling.

Cannabidiol doesn’t have such components, so it can’t affect your body in a psychotropic way. There’s a false opinion that all the substances derived from cannabis are psychoactive and utilized to get high. No doubt, there are a few with such effects (like THC), but CBD is among those used for easing many symptoms, and even to improve general health condition. CBD won’t get you high, as it doesn’t contain any psychoactive elements, and it’s legal in many countries for medical reasons.

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How Do Natural Hemp Cigarettes Work?

First of all, it’s crucial to explain how CBD works in general. Our body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that consists of receptors and joints similar to cannabis elements. They provide balance in our bodies and minds. CBD is said to stimulate this system when it’s out of order (that’s when we feel anxiety, stress, or insomnia) and get it back to normal functioning. That’s why millions of CBD users say they feel health improvements and reduced stress levels.

Concerning hemp CBD cigarettes, they’re consumed by inhalation. When the smoke penetrates your respiration organs and goes straight to the lungs, it’s being absorbed by the bloodstream. Unlike oral or sublingual use of cannabinoids, that pass through the digestive system first, hemp cigarettes are much quicker to kick in and give effect. Moreover, fewer amounts are needed to get the desired result. You’ll feel the relaxation coming while inhaling hemp cigs since it goes into your blood flow.

CBD Oil Cigarettes Help to Quit Nicotine

It’s no surprise that chain smokers often use CBD cigarettes to quit, since they contain weed, instead of tobacco with tons of nicotine. Therefore, hemp cigarettes come as an alternative, as they don’t contain such harmful elements, and are even THC-free. You see, usual anti-smoking methods are mostly ineffective, or cause even more harm and side effects. Whether it’s pills, nicotine patches, or others, don’t result in being effective. While smooth passing to natural hemp tobacco satisfies the need to smoke and, at the same time, doesn’t give any side effects.

Since CBD doesn’t give addiction, multiple studies were held to see if it can help to cure addictions to other compounds, including nicotine. Many of them proved that hemp cigarettes could reduce the urge to smoke up to 40% a week. Others displayed that heavy smokers crave cigarettes less, even if it’s for a rather short period. Anyway, to make a scientific statement, more studies must be conducted; however, the scientists are certain that CBD can at least help to deal with stress when a person quits smoking.

Where Can You Buy CBD Cigs?

Presently, CBD smokes are becoming legal in many countries that acknowledge its use for medical reasons. For example, it is now legal in all 50 states, whereas marijuana itself as a drug is hardly legal in the USA. Therefore, if you google “hemp cigarettes near me,” you’ll get multiple options, where you can order them online and get delivered. Getting CBD cigarettes via the Internet is more convenient as you can select from multiple types of products and compare the prices and characteristics. Moreover, many websites offer CBD cigarettes for sale quite often, so it’s a good opportunity to try them out. To keep up, go on reading and check out the reviews of CBD cigarette strains from the Secret Nature brand.

CBD Cigarettes Review: Best Products

With a great variety of CBD brands and products, it’s hard to find a decent one that provides the desired effect. Fortunately, below you can see a nice selection of CBD cigarettes from the American brand Secret Nature, so you can choose any according to your aim and preferences. You can buy its CBD cigarettes online from the official website. Check out the review, and don’t forget to consult your therapist before using any.

Secret Nature CBD Cigarettes

Secret Nature CBD Cigarettes

Short Brand Review

Secret Nature aims to create top-quality cannabidiol items according to the standard. Its CBD cigarettes packs pass laboratory tests, and the results are published on the website. The company does its best to make sure that even experienced smokers are satisfied with its CBD tobacco. To create an alternative product to nicotine cigarettes, Secret Nature started producing 13 kinds of cannabidiol tobacco, so that everyone can find something suitable. Moreover, they also differ as some are made from Indica hemp, and some from Sativa, so depending on what effect you aim to get, many options are eligible. Keep reading to discover the characteristics of its most popular hemp cigarettes and pick the ones you like the most.


  • Great selection of hemp cigarettes
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Pure organic hemp
  • Terpene-infused joints


  • CBD cigarettes are shipped in the USA only


Secret Nature has a fixed price for all kinds of hemp cigarettes. They come either in 2-pack or 7-pack, so the prices are $15 and $40 correspondingly.

Cherry Cough

These hemp cigarettes are made from Indica with the addition of terpenes to enhance it with sweet cherry smell and flavor. The content of THC doesn’t exceed the allowed 0.3%, so it won’t get you high. Each cigarette contains about 100mg of CBD.


Since Cherry Cough is made from Indica, the main effect that it provides is relaxation. The dosage is potent enough to help you deal with stress and anxiety. One cigarette before you go to bed, and you can enjoy a good night’s sleep with no worries.

Frosted Kush

Secret Nature Frosted Kush

Similarly are made from Indica, it has one of the strongest CBD concentrations of 19.5%. The terpene content provides a pleasant berry cupcake smell, making these hemp cigarettes with CBD a much tastier alternative to the regular ones.


Frosted Kush Indica effect combined with potent cannabinoids dosage makes a great remedy for those seeking stress or pain relief. Its sedative effect is also great when you have trouble sleeping. Therefore, it’s better to leave Frosted Kush for a calming evening routine.

Secret Dream

This Sativa-infused hemp cigarette has a unique sour aroma with a bit of mint due to the content of terpene oils. It has a potent concentration of cannabidiol of about 20%, making it one of the most popular strains.


The best of Sativa extract is combined in Secret Dream cigarettes. Therefore, the effect is great for those willing to have mental stimulation. It’s good to use it before a night of cramming for an exam, or before an intense workout so that you have enough energy to go through it.

Papaya Nights

Secret Nature Papaya Nights

These joints are also made from uplifting Sativa with a tropical smell of aromatic terpenes. The regular users say it’s one of the tastiest strains thanks to marvelous papaya flavor. It has 76mg of CBD per cigarette, so it’s great to enjoy one before bed.


With a mild dosage of CBD and Sativa extract, Papaya Nights can not only stimulate your mind and increase productivity but also keep you relaxed and stress-free. So even if you smoke one before you go to bed, it can make you sleep soundly with no worries. Thanks to a mild concentration, it doesn’t provide such a strong energy boost.

Secret OG

Secret Nature Secret OG

This strain is said to remind legendary OG Kush, but this version doesn’t contain THC in it, so it’s safe to smoke anytime, without worrying that it can get you high. This Indica hemp cigarette has around 19% of CBD and terpene extracts that provide its creamy smell with a hint of bubblegum.


Secret OG Indica strain has enough potency to keep your mind and body relaxed. Nice smell and calming effects are exactly what you need after a stressful day. So lighting up Secret OG before bed aims to help with insomnia and make you sleep like a baby.


All the key information considered, it seems like CBD cigarettes are indeed a great alternative to the nicotine ones. The beneficial impact of cannabidiol on human health can assist in quitting smoking habit by replacing it with a healthier one. Moreover, CBD tobacco makes you want to smoke less, and it can help to deal with stress and insomnia. Such brands as Secret Nature create decent hemp cigs suitable for every smoker, so you can choose any taste and dosage you like. It’s highly recommended to consult your therapist first to see which one is better for you. So if you’re tired of nicotine tobacco, try hemp-infused cigarettes as an alternative.

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