Hemp Bombs CBD Review (2020 Updated)

By | March 26, 2020

Liquids containing CBD are partially authorized in sales in the United States. The market for non-psychotic cannabis products has expanded over the past few years, focusing on the benefits of the primary non-toxic cannabidiol compound. CBD has been identified by researchers. It can have a positive effect on various aspects of physical and mental health. It deals through interaction with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

CBD-containing drugs are used in the treatment of serious ailments like cancer, schizophrenia, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, and multiple sclerosis. Many researchers have noted that cannabidiol tends to counteract inflammatory processes, sclerotic spasms and reduce the aggressiveness of cancer spread cells.

Among Hemp Bombs customers, some have dealt with depression, sleep disorders, and arthritic and chronic pains. Furthermore, a large number of reviews come from the parents who have children with autism or epilepsy, who see how the condition of children is changing for the better.

On the other hand, some people are still wary of cannabidiol, as they continue to perceive CBD as an exotic species of marijuana.

Most people are used to solving problems with pills or alcohol, being reconciled with the side effects and consequences that alcohol and pills can cause.

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About Hemp Bombs CBD

Hemp Bombs CBD has a popular status among all 50 states of America. Many users claim that the company provides only quality CBD products. The company supplies hemp plants from environmentally friendly conditions. They interact with the best farmers in the state. Best practices also include informing consumers about products to help them make conscious decisions.

Hemp bombs produce their products from high-quality CBD isolates that do not contain THC. What exactly is THC? It a unique component that functions as a compound of marijuana plants. Please note THC affects the mental health of a person.

Unlike other brands, Hemp Bombs manage their own manufacturing. Thus, Hemp Bombs is primarily a CBD oil producer based in the Tampa Bay, Florida state. Their duties include the extraction, processing of CBD, and bottling.

Hemp Bombs CBD is focused on optimizing production and quality. As a result, hemp is considered much cleaner and more potent than its species.

Best For:

  • Relieve joint pains;
  • Deals with epilepsy;
  • Promotes good sleep;
  • Promotes relaxation;
  • Relieves stress condition;
  • Relieves the serious ailment manifestations.

CBD Hemp Bombs Reviews: Benefits

  • Ample selection of products;
  • Moderate hemp bombs cost;
  • Reliable company;
  • Top-quality products;
  • Shipping available in 50 states;
  • International shipping.

CBD Hemp Bombs Reviews: Negative Aspects

  • Strong smell of some drugs;
  • Some products may cause drowsiness.

How Does Hemp Bombs Work?

As mentioned earlier, Hemp bombs are their own producers. They grow, collect hemp, and then sell goods within 50 states and separate European countries. You can buy any product directly through the site where the online catalog is offered. If you are interested in a particular issue, it is better to stay in touch with the support service. You can also learn more about the shipping and refund conditions on the website.

Hemp Bombs Testimonials

It is worth noting that despite the absence of some laboratory tests, the company is still trying to stay legal. Whatever the cost, the company is a true CBD producer, not a private trader. Besides growing natural hemp, all their work is done right on the spot. Hemp Bombs are making arrangements to ensure that CBD products follow state and federal regulations.

Hemp Bombs Lab Results

Hemp Bombs lab results can be verified with a test analysis certificate provided by a third-party laboratory. This indicates that a separate product batch holds no more than 0.3% of THC. Any buyer can know the results of CBD laboratory tests on the site. This package involves a website URL and a batch number where you can get product information.

Hemp Bombs Products Review

Hemp Bombs is its own manufacturer and distributes CBD products. The company sells CBD oils, CBD fluids, capsules, and an anesthetic for pain protection. Freezing pain is a topical remedy serving to reduce pains in joints and muscles. Hemp Bombs also produces CBD syrup and relaxing vape products. CBD Syrup can be used as an additive to liquids. The syrup contains an extract of white willow bark, which gives the relaxing effect.

125mg CBD Oil

CBD Oil Hemp bombs 125 mg is an ideal substance that will help you get rid of annoying joint pain. It will also improve sleep and appetite. This is a perfect product for those who prefer lower concentrations or have never tried CBD.

Hemp Bobs 125mg CBD Oil

Dosage & Suggested Use:

It suggests a bottle of 30 ml containing CBD oil. It equals to 125 mg per bottle. It contains 2.08mg of CBD for a daily serving. Take about ½ dropper per day.


It has saturated peppermint and watermelon flavors, which leave a pleasant taste in one’s mouth. CBD flavorless oil gives versatility as can be used as a  food supplement. It can be added to drinks and separate meals without changing the flavor.


  • Grape seed oil;
  • Hemp-derived extracts with a full spectrum;
  • Organic hemp oil;
  • Coconut oil.

How Long Does It Take to Work?

The effectiveness depends on the construction and functioning of your body. It depends on the speed and dosage that you take. Researchers discovered that Hemp Bombs CBD oil could be observed in the blood only in six hours after consumption.

How Long Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Last?

Precise data on how long the effect lasts has not yet been discovered. There is only a general reference. For each patient, the substance of CBD affects differently. Typically, the effects last from 2 to 8 hours.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Effect

Hemp Bombs CBD oil provides no dangerous side effects.

  • Dry mouth

The worst you can expect from this high CBD product is dry mouth. It is an insignificant value to feel healthier.

  • Liver metabolism

CBD does cause a side effect that can affect your liver’s ability to interact with other medicines. This can have unforeseen consequences if you are taking a CBD that is not intended to replace another medicine.

CBD Capsules 30-Count

30-Count Hemp Bombs Capsules is a superb bombing CBD mixture. It is produced in the form of an edible capsule easily digesting in the body. The following drug is a combination of healing properties and high-quality constituents, which can positively affect your health. Hemp Bombs Capsules can increase your attention span and lift the mood.

Hemp Bombs CBD Capsules 30-Count

Hemp Bombs Dosage & Suggested Use:

It suggests a bottle of 450mg containing CBD and 15mg for one capsule. The serving size is 1-2 capsules. Take about ½ dropper per day.


  • Gelatin;
  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • 25mg Calcium citrate ;
  • 25 mg Magnesium oxide;
  • Premium CBD 15mg.

How Long Does It Take for Bombs Capsules to Work?

When a CBD capsule enters the body, the medicine must first pass through the digestive system. It may take about one hour to feel the desired effect.

How Long Bombs Capsules Last?

The Hemp effect usually lasts from 6 to 8 hours.

Bombs CBD Capsules Effect

Some patients informed that Hemp CBD capsules cause unreasonable weakness, while other consumers could sleep well at night.

  • Fatigue

If you are taking CBD for the first time, it is recommended to take it before bedtime to find out how it will affect it.

  • Weight changes

With regular use of CBD, improvement or worsening in appetite along with a weight change may occur.

  • Dry mouth

Elevated CBD levels affect the mouth receptors of the endocannabinoid system. They can stop the secretion of saliva.

  • Low blood pressure

Be ready to consult a physician if you have low blood pressure but want to take medications.

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

Some customers tell about an upset stomach after taking a large amount of cannabidiol. If you feel this side effect, we recommend you to take a smaller portion of CBD.

Hemp Bombs E-Liquids

Cannabis vaping oil is now among the most popular varieties of CBD products. It is necessary to understand which vapers are proper for you. All in all, any consumer can check their quality. If you are using prescription drugs at present, it is better to consult a doctor before including vaping in a regimen.

Hemp Bombs E-Liquids

Bombs Dosage & Suggested Use:

The current product suggests about 16.5 ml of CBD for one bottle. From this, we have 250 mg of CBD per bottle (70/30 VG/PG Split).

Start with the smallest dosage that is 1 to 2 mg of cannabidiol.

Hemp Bombs Ingredients:

  • Broad Spectrum natural hemp-derived extracts with a full spectrum;
  • Glycol propylene;
  • Glycerine (Vegetable).

How Long Does It Take to Work?

It takes about six hours until it comes to force. Steadily increase the dosage by 5 mg each time.

How Long Hemp Bombs E-Liquids Last?

The vaping effect can last up to several days in case of very regular use. It lasts several weeks or even months. The longer the pull, the less the effect will last.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Effect

The frequent side effects caused by vaping is light drowsiness. This is very common among novice users. Drowsiness is often provoked by excessed doses of CBD, while medium doses can give a different result. Other side effects occur in the lifted mood and starvation.

Hemp Bombs CBD Oil Prices

Product name Price range Order
125mg CBD Oil $24.99 Buy now
CBD Capsules 30-Count $59.99 Buy now
Hemp Bombs E-Liquids $39.99 Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

Bombs offer a money-back guarantee on all of its products within 30 business days. If the buyer was unsatisfied with the purchase for some reason, one should contact support to receive a refund or exchange goods. Support representatives are always kind, polite, and give sensible replies to customer questions.

Final Verdict

When it comes to the Hemp Bombs production, all their products are well-made and correctly executed in all major categories. Hemp Bombs has an excellent assortment. The company is its own manufacturer. The presence of laboratory results can be checked on their website. If you like a variety of flavors and oil products, hemp bombs will offer the very best.

cbd product Hemp Bombs


Where To Buy Hemp Bombs E-Liquids?

Hemp Bombs products can be purchased in their online store at reasonable prices. We want to draw your attention to the fact that such products contain CBD, obtained from high-quality industrial hemp of the highest grade, grown on American farms in stable conditions.

Is Hemp Bombs Legitimate?

Products from Hemp Bombs are fully legalized in the United States. They hold 0.3% of THC. Regular analyzes of all Hemp Bombs products are carried out in an independent laboratory.

Is Hemp Bombs FDA Approved?

Not all Hemp Bombs products FDA approved. Consumers can buy a product when the dosage is more effective. For example, over-the-counter CBD is not approved by the FDA. It becomes clear that there is very little regulation on this product.

Will Hemp Bombs Show On A Drug Test?

Hemp Bombs’ products are made from high-quality industrial hemp. Thus, they give a positive result in the presence of THC in any drug test. The company publishes relevant third-party laboratory tests on the site.

How Do Hemp Bombs Oils Make You Feel?

Along with common medications, certain metabolic factors will affect your response to this drug, such as weight. People use CBD to solve health problems. There is no clear information about how the CBD will affect every person.

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