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By | March 27, 2020

The success and popularity of CBD have surprised many. When the levels of THC are often much less than 1%, this so-called “light marijuana” simply cannot cause suspicious effects. It looks and smells like ordinary hemp. The CBD level is high and often fluctuates around 10-20%. Varieties with lots of CBD are sold in health stores, tobacco shops, and online stores, as well as herbalists. You will probably be surprised, but in those regions where varieties with high CBD content are sold, there was a statistically significant decrease in the consumption of pharmaceutical products. To many who would not use “traditional” hemp, light marijuana seems to be a safer alternative.

The widespread use of light marijuana over the past 2–3 years has enabled researchers to analyze data on prescription drug sales. The results hit the headlines of the central press. The report shows a significant reduction in the number of prescriptions for important medicines.

The two categories of recipes that were most affected by the appearance of light marijuana were tranquilizers and sedatives. Many consumers of CBD could guarantee that CBD will be especially useful in these particular areas of application. To relieve pain, people resort to a similar form of self-medication. From a psychological point of view, it can be quite risky to refuse a widely recognized method of treatment, replacing it with a product that doctors do not support.

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What is MedTerra CBD

Medterra is an American company that distributes and manufactures CBD products throughout the USA. It is a brand that practices serious scientific research and expertise to create a wide range of CBD products. They offer an assortment of products that are rigorously tested and sourced from US-grown industrial hemp.

Medterra CBD Oil is grown and mined in accordance with the stringent regulations of the Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Cannabis. All products from MedTerra are made with natural hemp without GMOs. Each product is selected after laboratory testing. Consumers can be sure that the CBD sold by Medterra does not contain harmful elements. Since its products contain 0% THC, the MedTerra has the right to deliver goods to all 50 states and abroad without any problems.

Best for:

  • Bad sleep;
  • Anxiety and depression;
  • Bouts of epilepsy;
  • Joint pain.

MedTerra CBD Oil Reviews: Highlights

  • True American brand. Unlike competing companies, MedTerra is a truly American brand. Due to the influx of cheap and low-quality hemp from India and China, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a truly American brand. It is worth considering that the production process takes place in Kentucky. All their products do not contain GMOs and harmful substances.
  • The manufacturing process of MedTerra CBD products. MedTerra CBD Oil products have been derived from hemp plants grown as part of a Kentucky-based research program. This strategy ensures planting, growing, and harvesting marijuana plants in accordance with the highest quality standards within the United States.
  • Extra bonuses. The goal of CBD manufacturers is to find as many customers as possible and be able to keep them. People, in turn, are looking for a worthy brand for medical and therapeutic purposes. They strive to find a company and a specific CBD product that suits them most. The creators of MedTerra clearly understand this. The company decided to offer the reward program for its regular customers. After registering in the Program, you get points every time you buy a product. Later you can exchange them for discounts of $ 10 and $ 25. You automatically receive $ 10 upon registration.
  • Without the slightest THC residue. Disputes over CBD products constantly arise whether they have THC residues. There are endless discussions about the advantage of CBD isolates in comparison to the full-spectrum CBD oils. The offered MedTerra oils are produced from 99.6% clear CBD isolate. The MedTerra products contain 0% THC. Laboratory studies showed that CBD substance is more efficient when taking it as a “full-spectrum” tincture. This is just to your preference. All in all, you won’t know what will be more effective for you personally until you examine both CBD and THC.
  • Open to customers. MedTerra CBD communicates directly with customers at any time. They allow customers to call on purpose to learn more about products. Based on this, you can find out who they are as a company and what their general intentions.

MedTerra CBD Reviews: Negative Thoughts

  • No vaping. Some customers may be a little disappointed that MedTerra does not provide vaping products. At present, their complete assortment consists of oil tinctures, topical creams, capsules, and clear crystalline CBD isolate. On the other hand, when such organizations provide only exclusive products, this means that they save quality.
  • No edibles. Food lovers may also not like the fact that the company does not supply edible СBD products. Unfortunately, there are no such items as food additives, protein bars, etc. We hope that in the future, MedTerra will expand its range.

How Does MedTerra CBD Work?

MedTerra produces cannabis products within the United States and European countries. Each product undergoes lab testing. You should know that you order accredited CBD products from a reliable supplier. You can enjoy by ordering 99 percent of products produced from pure CBD that are free to ship within 50 states.

MedTerra CBD Testimonials

The US Cannabis Program of certification is aimed at ensuring the highest standards and self-management, providing customers with the confidence of cannabis products that are legitimate. MedTerra testimonials indicate to certified CBD products in the US by Hemp Authority. This company is proud to give customers the highest quality.

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MedTerra CBD Lab Results

Medterra CBD tests every product before its distribution. The product is tested by the company itself and a third party (an independent laboratory). MedTerra lab results indicate that their products are completely free of contaminants. Each MedTerra product report is available to every customer.

MedTerra CBD Products

Its assortment of CBD products consists of oils, tinctures, capsules, soft gels, and so much more. They help customers look better. You can choose an original body lotion that nourishes the skin and moisturizes it. The brand is trying in every possible way to invent something new, reaching a new level. If you prefer topicals instead of oral mixtures, choose MedTerra Balm. If you want to get rid of anxiety and feel better, try Medterra CBD Capsules or Tinctures. If you have a favorite pet, and you want to make him try CBD, then it is better to add a remedy to the treat. Check out the Medterra CBD product made for animals. The company has a personal online store. All products are legal, lab tested, and do not have THC.

MedTerra Manuka Cream

Manuka is an exclusive medicine from Medterra and contains New Zealand Manuka honey. Manuka honey has its UMF, which is a unique coefficient that equals 12+. New Zealand Manuka combined with 125 or 250 mg of MedTerra CBD oil, natural components, and herbal ingredients. They make your skin soothing and nourishing. This multifunctional lotion used for different skin care treatments. It is a worthwhile addition to your daily skin care routine.

MedTerra Manuka Cream

Dosage & Suggested Use:

The cream is offered in 125mg and 250mg strengths.


  • Seed Oil;
  • Elaeis Guineensis;
  • Aloe Barbadensis;
  • Manuka Honey 12+;
  • Beeswax;
  • Leaf Juice;
  • Fruit Oil;
  • Carota Sativa,
  • Coconut Oil;
  • Vegetable Derived USP;
  • Cocoa Seed Butter;
  • Jojoba;
  • Citrus Grandis Seed Extract;
  • Seabuckthorn Oil;
  • Sodium Benzoate (USP);
  • Arnica Montana Flower Oil;
  • Organic Ingredient;
  • Cannabidiol (CBD);
  • Potassium Sorbate;
  • Sodium Hydroxide;
  • Ethylhexylglycerin;
  • Citric Acid.

Time to Take Effect:

To get the desired result, you need to wait only from 15 minutes to half an hour. You will see how tangible the result will be.

Time to Last:

Depending on how hairy your body is, the components must be absorbed into the skin cells. The duration of the CBD cream is no longer than six hours.


MedTerra CBD Cream will help you to:

  • Smooth skin;
  • Treat arthritis;
  • Reduce muscle spasms;
  • Relieve muscle pains;
  • Treat myosclerosis;
  • Cure rashes;
  • Treat burns.

Possible side effects:

  • Allergic rash;
  • Dry skin.

MedTerra Rapid Cooling Cream

Medterra’s Ultimate Comfort Bundle is a powerful compound of CBD and natural ingredients. MedTerra cooling pain cream provides a fast cooling effect. It will serve as a perfect remedy for joint and muscle support. The cream is matched with CBD capsules.

MedTerra Rapid Cooling Cream

Dosage & Suggested Use:

  • The cream is available in 750mg;
  • The capsules are available in 50mg;
  • Any bottle is 3.4 fl.oz. and contains 100mL of creamy substance;
  • MedTerra Gel Capsules are available in 50mg that equals 1,500mg CBD per bottle.


  • Sunflower Seed Oil;
  • Coconut Alcohol;
  • Mineral Salt;
  • Xanthan Gum;
  • Aloe Barbadensis;
  • Stearic Acid;
  • Grape-Seed Extract;
  • Vegetable-Extracted Glycerin;
  • Menthol;
  • Ascorbic Acid;
  • Safflower Seed Oil;
  • Bergamot Fruit Oil;
  • Salvia Sclarea Oil;
  • Olive Oil;
  • Ginger Oil;
  • Rosemary;
  • Organic Ingredient.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD);
  • Phenoxyethanol.

Time to Take Effect:

Time to feel the long-awaited result takes no more than 20 minutes. Spread the cream into the painful areas so that the CBD substance can penetrate the skin tissue.

Time to Last:

The effect of a cooling cream lasts no more than 8 hours. It depends on how much the cream is absorbed into the skin.


Pre-treatment of the skin removes dirt, opens pores, and provides maximum pain relief. The CBD cream relieves muscle pain. Muscles can still be tense. With the help of massage, you can focus on the muscles until they relax and get rid of the pain.

Medterra’s CBD Pet Products

MedTerra tinctures for pets are seasoned with triglyceride MCT oil obtained from coconut. It is also seasoned with pure chicken flavor. MedTerra tinctures are sold with a dropper applicator, which provides flexible portion sizes.

Medterra CBD Pet Products

Dosage & Suggested Use:

The servings per bottle are available in:

  • 1⁄2 oz. bottle= 15 x 1mL;
  • 1 oz bottle = 30 x 1mL.

The CBD product is available in potencies:

  • 0.5 fl.oz = 150mg;
  • 1 fl.oz = 300mg;
  • 1 fl.oz = 750mg.

*It is recommended to use CBD after a meal.


  • Natural Ingredient;
  • 99%+ Cannabidiol;
  • Natural Chicken flavor;
  • Coconut derived MCT Oil.

Time to Take Effect:

Add MedTerra CBD tincture to your pet’s food or treat. Wait 45-90 minutes until the substance is completely dissolved in the stomach.

Time to Last:

The duration of the CBD tincture is no more than 8 hours. If the drug is administered orally, it lingers longer in the body of your pet.


Cannabinoids interact with endocannabinoid receptors, which help to maintain body balance. Such receptors are found in the peripheral and central nervous systems. This drug helps animals to be in good shape.

Possible side effects:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Low blood pressure.

MedTerra CBD Oil Prices

Product name MedTerra cost range Order
CBD + Manuka Cream $34.99 Buy now
MedTerra Ultimate Comfort Bundle $124.00 Buy now
MedTerra CBD Tincture Pets Chicken $19.99 Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

The MedTerra policy is that at present, the company accepts returns only for incorrectly filled orders. If your parcel is lost, stolen, or damaged, use your tracking number to file a claim. The goods must be packed. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the return.

If you are not satisfied with MedTerra products, you can ask for a refund of the full purchase price within 30 days from when the product was received. The refund will be credited to the buyer’s bank account within 5-7 days after its confirmation.

Final Verdict

MedTerra is a quality brand providing natural products. MedTerra has laboratory testimonials which stated that their products have no detectable THC levels. MedTerra products are produced from natural, non-GMO hemp bred in Kentucky. The company has an official website where they post reports of third-party laboratories. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking any of these products.


Where To Buy MedTerra CBD Oil?

You can purchase a full-spectrum CBD oil from the MedTerra brand directly through the company’s online store, in the therapeutic department, pharmacies. It is all at your convenience! Before placing an order, you must learn about the results of laboratory tests. Each customer is guaranteed quality information.

Is MedTerra Legitimate?

MedTerra has the right to sell and distribute products in all 50 approved US states. It is important for consumers to have the opportunity to distinguish clean, safe products from imitators selling low-quality, potentially hazardous CBD products. Having tried a product from MedTerra, you can really fall in love with this quality brand.

Is MedTerra FDA Approved?

MedTerra has received FDA approval for CBD pet products. The company follows the US Cannabis Certification Program. This is a program aimed at ensuring high standards that give consumers confidence that the products from MedTerra are legal.

Will MedTerra Show On A Drug Test?

Whether it is possible to conduct a drug test depends only on whether there is THC in a particular product. Since MedTerra does not produce such products, such a test will not be necessary. There are some centers that examine the cannabinoids spectrum that can provide a confident drug test.

How Do MedTerra Products Make You Feel?

Since MedTerra products are pure without additives and concentrations such as THC, we can safely say that the company provides products that are not harmful to the body of the buyer. They do not cause addiction. Only slight manifestations of drowsiness are possible.

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